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We are India's first dedicated closed market place for electrical products servicing the B2B markets. EB is a specialised platform for specific needs of the buyers representing small/medium and large scale projects.

  EB EDGE!  

The foundation of EB rests on strong relationships with both the buyers and the suppliers to ensure the best of products and services can be delivered. Our experience and business relationship with both the sides of the transaction will facilitate a smooth buying and selling experience.


Buyer : “ To explore all possible brands and to choose from a wide range”

Seller : “To choose to participate in the bidding process for every requirement floated”

Platform : “Non biased approach to get the transaction completed with the best satisfying experience for both the parties, so that they return back for more…!!”


The focus of EB is to get both the Buyers and Sellers under one roof and allow them to transact, based on the requirements floated. Our team will work closely on the requirements gathered from the buyer side and assist them to choose the best suited supplier which qualifies as per their needs. Additionally our support team will boost the supplier side to get them to win the BID.


To be a multi branded - multi options marketplace giving unlimited opportunities to the suppliers to showcase their product range. It will also boost all supplier brands to create a niche for themselves using this platform purely from an exposure point of view.


To be a uniform market place offering the best of the products with an unbeatable market price helping the buyer to save costs and get a bouquet of product range at a click of his button all bundled up on a user friendly technology platform.